/developers – Mercedes-Benz
New ways for Mercedes-Benz.
The premium car manufacturer has been opening the interfaces to his data (APIs / SDKs) for several years now to give start-ups & corporates the opportunity to develop new independent or brand-related products.
Together with the customer and several technical partners, we are constantly working on the further development and marketing of the developer portal to i.a. generate new revenue models.
The advantages are as diverse as the target groups of /developers.
Standstill – not found.
Constant user testing shows possible weaknesses in the UX, as in the UI. These form the foundation of our daily work and make this project a real exciting and agile project.
The advantages of each product are clearly highlighted and are immediately accessible through well-structured documentation.
The unique look of the iconography certainly contributed to the DEVPORTAL AWARD in the design category.
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The Inspire area is used to show possibilities for using the products.