Animal Pard Net
Rescue. Help. Convey.
Animal Pard Net rescues and mediates stray and abandoned animals that lead a real dog life on the Greek peninsula Halkidiki. Therefore it was a matter of the heart for us to completely re-design the whole digital appearance to present the orphaned dogs in the best way possible.
Most of the orphaned dogs live on the streets and every day is a battle on life and death.
A new (digital) home for the poorest.
For associations like AnimalPardNet it is highly important to collect donations. Next to individual profiles of the animals this feature is one of the most dominant.
Also a new way of taking pictures (cutouts, angle, filter, color, etc.) had been introduced to stage naturalness and personality.
“… it was just a kick-of for a bigger movement that we willsee on MB /developers …”
Sabine Scheunert, Vice President Digital & IT Sales/Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars
Video: Hafengold